5-Year Review Projects


5-Year Review Projects

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region I, under contract to Nobis Engineering, Inc.


  • Post-remedial action five year reviews.
  • Reviews of existing risk assessments, cleanup goals,- and current conditions.
  • Reviews of Applicable and Relevant or Appropriate Requirements (ARARs).
  • Reviews of current applicable guidance.
  • Preparation of Protectiveness Statements.


Post-remedy implementation five year reviews are required at all CERCLA remedial action sites where contamination remains on-site above levels that would allow for unlimited property use and unrestricted exposure. The purpose of these five-year reviews is to determine if the remedy selected in the Record of Decision remains protective of human health and the environment.

Avatar has assisted in more than a dozen five year reviews for EPA Region I. For each of these reviews, Avatar has reviewed the risk assessments that served as the basis for the remedial action, the selected clean-up goals, and the current conditions at the site (and surrounding areas) to determine if any changes in currently accepted risk assessment methods, exposure pathways, exposure factors, toxicity factors, or standards impact the protectiveness of the remedy. These efforts require a review of recent activities at the site and recent environmental monitoring data to determine any changes in site conditions. In some cases, new risk calculations were performed. Based on these reviews and any new risk calculations, Avatar prepared portions of the five year review documents, including risk summaries, ARARs reviews, reviews of any changes in risk assessment methods, pathways, or toxicity factors, and protectiveness statements.