Fort Riley POL Sites

Location: Fort Riley, Kansas

USACE, Kansas City District


  • Large site with many issues requiring the expertise from a range of disciplines
  • Work performed at an active Army installation that requires coordination with Army personnel
  • includes new investigations as well as O&M of existing systems
  • Environmental Sampling multi-media
  • Compliance with RCRA solid waste and hazardous waste disposal requirements


Avatar has been performing work at Fort Riley, Kansas since 2012 under the Installation Restoration Program (IRP). Tasks have included groundwater investigations at an active POL Tank Farm, soil and groundwater investigations at former gasoline stations, leaking UST sites and abandoned gas lines, and a Pre-Design investigation for a solvent area. The POL Tank Farm at Fort Riley was constructed in 1989. During the period from 1989 to 2001 there were several significant spills of MOGAS, diesel fuel, and mixed fuels at the Tank Farm. Active and passive recovery systems have operated at the site. Avatar prepared work plans, Quality Control Summary Reports, and Data Summary Reports for groundwater sampling of wells at the POL Tank Farm. Field tasks included: low-flow groundwater sampling for BTEX, naphthalene, VPH, PEH, nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and metals; microbial trap deployment for 45 days in two wells for microbial analyses; and free product removal and analyses to determine product degradation. Increasing benzene concentrations in groundwater samples above MCLs from two monitoring wells downgradient from the Tank Farm has led Avatar to recommend installation of two additional bedrock monitoring wells to further define the extent of the plume. The new wells will be added to the sampling network. Avatar also performed an investigation to further characterize the nature and extent of contamination in the soil and groundwater at four POL sites- Building 700, Building 7353, Building 600/615, and the Abandoned Gas Line (AGL) Terminus Area. Avatar performed additional delineation of the groundwater on the river side of a levee to monitor the groundwater plume. The work requires regulatory coordination with the State of Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE). Three rounds of groundwater sampling have been conducted in FY15 at the AGL Terminus, consisting of two semi-annual sampling events, and one high-water event. The high-water event is based on the stage of the nearby Kansas River meeting a specific flow measurement, to determine if contaminants are mobilized during periods of high water table. Avatar designed a project approach in collaboration with the Fort Riley and USACE, Kansas City District project managers for a Pre-Design Investigation for a PCE contaminated area (Building 354 Area) to support future Remedial Action. As a follow up to the Record of Decision in 2006 for this site, the Army has conducted semi-annual sampling. Recent 2014 data has indicated that PCE concentrations are no longer decreasing and have increased to 2006 levels. Avatar is preparing work plans for field work that will consist of direct push soil borings and on-site laboratory analysis methods. This site is also an Operable Unit and work plans and reports will be subject to EPA review. IMG_0516 “Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate working with you. Your attention to detail, professional responses, and schedule oriented attitude make our projects such a pleasure. I’m so happy to have you on multiple task orders!”—Fort Riley USACE Project Manager, Amanda Chirpich