Occupational Health Assessments, Consulting, Training and Technical Industrial Hygiene Assistance at Air Force Bases


Occupational Health Assessments, Consulting, Training and Technical Industrial Hygiene Assistance at Air Force Bases

Air Combat Command and HQ USAF Europe, U.S. Air Force, Department of Defense


  • Comprehensive Occupational Health (OH) program evaluation on ACC and USAFE bases
  • Focused resources on OH compliance and potential health related problems
  • Developed tools and checklists to provide consistent and comprehensive evaluations
  • Avatar staff has lead OH assessments since 2000
  • Developed next generation OH checklists for HQ Air Force deployed worldwide
  • Provided industrial hygiene assistance at Air Force bases
  • Provided OH training to hundreds at the AFESOH conference since 2006

“You have been extremely supportive, response second to none, flexibility second to none, breadth and depth of technical ability second to none, communication and personal skills second to none. We at the HQ (based on our interface and feedback from the bases) are thrilled to have Avatar’s continued support for the OH piece of our ESOHCAMPs both for the ESOHCAMPs themselves and for the ESOHCAMP auxiliary support (modernization, training, etc).”
— Rebecca L. Brown, Colonel, USAF BSC, HQ Air Combat Command


Avatar led the integration of occupational health into the Environmental Compliance Assessment Management Program (ECAMP) process for the Air Combat Command and U.S. Air Force Europe. These occupational health evaluations identified high-risk areas likely to result in an injury, illness or OSHA enforcement action Technical areas evaluated under ESOHCAMP include ergonomics, ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, chemical hazards, hazard communication, hearing conservation, occupational health management, personal protective equipment, respiratory protection, thermal stress, and ventilation systems.

The new format allows the Air Force to focus resources on OH compliance deficiencies and potential health related problems, and put an OH resource directly in the hands of the base-level OH program managers. All protocols and findings have been integrated into the ESOHCAMP information system database. To date, Avatar has completed over 50 ESOHCAMP assessments at installations in the U.S. and Europe to include Portugal, Spain, Italy, Turkey and multiple locations in Germany and the UK.

Avatar technical assistance visits at multiple bases included air sampling to evaluate exposures during industrial operations, periodic and baseline ventilation surveys, and a noise exposure evaluation were completed. Following each sampling event, documentation was prepared for each sampled task identifying the types and quantities of materials used in the process, the personal protective equipment worn by workers and the workplace occupational health controls employed. Interaction between the Avatar IH professional (CIH) and base personnel provided hands-on training opportunity for the technicians and insight into sampling strategies and techniques.

Avatar developed the training course ―Occupational Health Trends and Lessons Learned‖ addressing OH trends and challenges on USAF bases. The training was delivered to over 300 AF military and civilian workers during twelve sessions at the Air Force Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Training Symposiums in 2006 – 2010. The training to base health and safety specialists, industrial workers, and workplace supervisors focused on commonly found health issues in AF workplaces and how to reduce impacts to the worker.