Occupational/Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring Warner Robins Air Logistics Center


Occupational/Industrial Hygiene Exposure Monitoring for the 402nd Maintenance Shopsr

Robins AFB 78th Medical Group Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight


  • Services to support occupational health compliance at Robins AFB
  • Air monitoring evaluations for processes at aircraft depot maintenance facilities
  • Industrial process ventilation systems monitoring program

“Everyone has been doing an awesome job getting all this work done……since I have been here, we have tried different approaches to get the pending air sampling done. None of the attempts comes close to the amount of effort and work [Avatar] has done. …… Needless to say, I am extremely pleased. Thank you for all the work.” – Toni Hurley (
Industrial Hygienist – 
78 AMDS/SGPB, Robins AFB, GA)


Under two consecutive Industrial Hygiene contracts for the Robins AFB 78th Medical Group Bioenvironmental Engineering Flight (BEF) Avatar Environmental provides all labor, air sampling equipment, sampling media, ventilation survey equipment, sampling and survey equipment calibration sources, and analytical laboratory services to support occupational health compliance for the 402 Maintenance Shops at Robins AFB. Specifically Avatar provides initial and periodic air monitoring evaluations at aircraft depot maintenance facilities to support the RAFB OSHA Expanded Standards Compliance and industrial process monitoring program. Samples are collected according to OSHA 29CFR1910 rules and analyzed at a laboratory accredited by AIHA under the Industrial Hygiene Laboratory Accreditation Program. Avatar IH professionals evaluate sample results to assure quality; calculate TWAs and STELs; and recommend exposure controls, protective equipment and monitoring actions. Avatar enters data into the AF electronic data management system.

Through December 2011 over 1,500 air samples have been collected while monitoring over 125 processes (including follow-up process evaluations involving OSHA compliance for expanded standard chemicals); our fully accredited AIHA lab has analyzed for over 6,000 substances to include cadmium, lead, strontium, zinc, chromium, methylene chloride, hexavalent chromium, beryllium, copper, cyanide, hydrogen cyanide, and numerous other contaminants in the industrial processes. Over 1,000 personal TWAs and 300 area TWAs have been calculated to assess worker exposure levels and regulatory compliance. Avatar has collected over 200 wipe samples and 15 STELs. All samples were reviewed and approved by a CIH as part of the standard QA/QC data review process.

Avatar also provides ventilation systems evaluations under IAW OSHA standards, the ACGIH Industrial Ventilation Manual of Recommended Practice and Air Force guidance documents. Avatar performed an in-depth and detailed assessment of ventilation systems in the 402nd Maintenance Wing and assisted the BEF to identify and prioritize the evaluation cycle. Avatar baseline surveys include airflow data, detailed information regarding system configuration and existing survey conditions, and photographic documentation. When the results of periodic ventilation checks indicate significant changes to the system, Avatar develops a summary of the changes and recommended actions. To streamline periodic survey performance and provide enhanced reproducible results the Avatar Team installed 40 manometers on ventilation exhaust systems. The manometer installations insured optimum placement from a management perspective.