Preliminary Assessments and Inventory Project Report Updates for Formerly Used Defense Sites

Various Locations in New Jersey & New York

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers – New York and New England Districts


  • Environmental Assessments at Formerly Used Defense Sites
  • Literature review
  • Field investigations
Avatar Environmental New York and New England Districts


Under our CENAE HTRW contract, Avatar was tasked with evaluating the status of seven Formerly Used Defense Sites (FUDS) located in NY and NJ. Five of these sites are former Nike Missile batteries. One site is a former Fire Control Station and one site is a former Naval Hospital that is currently being used as a long-term care facility by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The objective of the TO was to develop a comparison of features identified in the Inventory Project Reports (INPRs) to features observed in the field, document current site conditions, assess potential changes to the INPRs, and update real estate information that will allow CENAE to take the appropriate steps to ultimately achieve site closure. Avatar successfully completed this task order and received an ‘Exceptional’ rating under the Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).