Remedial Investigation Support, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts Military Reservation


Remedial Investigation Support, Camp Edwards, Massachusetts Military Reservation

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New England District (under contract to Environmental Chemical Corporation)


  • The Massachusetts Military Reservation (MMR) Remedial Investigations were conducted under the authority of two USEPA Safe Drinking Water Act Administrative Orders
  • The overall objective was to identify contaminants of concern (COCs) in the Sagamore Lens, a sole source aquifer providing drinking water for Cape Cod. Further, soil COCs that have the potential to adversely impact the groundwater were also identified
  • Risk assessments of propellant, explosive, and pyrotechnic (PEP) compounds in soil and groundwater in support of MMR’s Impact Area Groundwater Study Program at multiple former ranges within the Southeast Area
  • Groundwater modeling, fate and transport modeling, investigation support, soil and groundwater impact assessment, and remedial decision support
  • Coordinated with multiple stakeholders including the USACE, USEPA, National Guard, MADEP

Avatar has received commendations from the USACE and the ECC project manager along with significant additional work under this assignment. These efforts have resulted in significant expansion of our scope since project commencement.


Avatar has performed multiple environmental assessments for soil and groundwater contaminated with munitions constituents (MC) (e.g., perchlorate and RDX), as well as chlorinated solvents, as a subcontractor to Environmental Chemical Corporation (ECC) in support of multiple RIs at the Southeast Ranges for the Impact Area Groundwater Study Program. The assessments were performed in accordance with EPA and Massachusetts Contingency Plan risk assessment guidance under the direction and coordination with the USACE.

The purpose of these evaluations was to determine if the MC and other site-related compounds present in the soil and groundwater from the historical military training uses at Camp Edwards would result in an unacceptable risk to individuals who obtain their drinking water from the sole source aquifer underlying Cape Cod. To execute the work, Avatar compared the available groundwater data with numerous Federal and State standards. Avatar also performed an analysis to determine those compounds detected in soil that could potentially impact the sole source aquifer beneath Camp Edwards. This analysis consisted of comparing detected levels to MMR-specific Soil Screening Levels for the migration to groundwater pathway along with other Federal and State criteria.

In addition to the HHRAs, Avatar also supported ECC in the development of comprehensive Contamination Nature and Extent Sections of applicable Remedial Investigations.