Meet The Avatar Team


At Avatar, we understand that our people are our most important asset. We have created an atmosphere that encourages innovation, fosters a variety of opinion, and demands ethical and honest behavior. Avatar has an aggressive bonus and profit sharing program, which gives everyone both a stake in our success and a responsibility to contribute to the overall well being of the company. Click on any of the names from the list below to read a brief professional profile of some of Avatar’s Key People.


In addition to full-time and part-time staff, Avatar has brought together a group of highly skilled, senior-level individuals, who bring significant additional capability to our company. These individuals do most of their work outside of Avatar, but welcome the opportunity to work together as Avatar Associates, when needed. They all have long working relationships with Avatar members and are used to performing assignments as a seamless project team. These individuals greatly expand our ability to meet our clients’ needs. Click on any of the names from the list of our associates to read a brief professional profile.